Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am on holidays ..

Medieval art at The Cloisters in New York has been a highlight. Got to see some remarkable and very old textiles including the unicorn tapestries. Here is a taste:

Friday, May 18, 2012

thinking about colour

I am still exploring Lesbia Harford's poetry.  She has a very evocative style.  

Her poem Green and Blue made me think about how I react and feel colour and how I use it.    I would like to try ans translate some her poems into stitch - sometimes- like this poem - an idea jumps right out and makes me want to rush off and try it.    

Green and blue                                               
First-named of colours believe these two        
They first of colours by men were seen              
This grass colour, tree colour,                   
Sky colour, sea colour,                                   
Magic-named, mystic-souled, blue and green. 
Later came                                                            
Small subtle colours like tongues of flame,      
Small jewel colours for treasure trove,            
Not fruit colour, flower colour,                       
Cloud colour, shower colour,                           
But purple, amethyst, violet and mauve.          
These remain,                                                  
Two broad fair colours for our larger gain       
Stretched underfoot or spreading wide on high, 
Green beech colour, vine colour,                       
Gum colour, pine colour,                                    
Blue of the noonday and the moonlit sky.      

Friday, May 11, 2012

This year I have seen autumn with new eyes

This year I have seen autumn with new eyes
Glimpsed hitherto undreamt of mysteries
In the slow ripening of the town-bred trees;
Horse-chestnut lifting wide hands to the skies;
And silver beech turned gold now winter's near;
And elm, whose leaves like little suns appear
Scattering light — all, all have made me wise
And writ me lectures in earth's loveliness,
Whether they laugh through the grey morning mist,
Or by the loving sun at noon are kissed
Or seek at night the high-swung lamp's caress.
Does autumn such a novel splendour wear
Simply because my love has yellow hair?
Lesbia Harford  1891 - 1927

I have just discovered this Australian poet - she seems to have been a pretty amazing woman and would be so even today.  She was among  the first women to study law, she was a social activist and unionist. Here is a link to learn a little more about Lesbia

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

converting squiggles

Playing with pastel in rounded forms led to this - then decided to add a rather simple face and got something a bit different. 

Similarly, playing with fabric crayons led to this embroidered piece -  A Bird in the Hand.  I have decided it is nt quite finished yet and will add some sparkle.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Public art

Phot taken from the car whilst driving to work.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finally picked up a needle

I have been caught up in other things and haven't posted much lately .   However I picked up a canvas work that got put aside quite some time ago and started stitching on it again - its working title is Daintree Dreaming.  It started life as swirly sketch which I photocopied and painted and the colours and leaf forms reminded me of leaf litter when we explored the Cape Tribulation area.  It is a magic place.   I have some barramundi leather that I have been saving and will apply in a couple of spots to bring up the texture.

I think if I keep at it I have about 15 hours work left before it is done!   Not much in the scheme of things as I posted a photo of the sketch in 2008!

I haven't done much drawing lately either - no pears or life drawing! Managed to get out my charcoal and do a couple of fun squiggles though.   I am practising trying to get dimension and depth  - I will need to add some compressed charcoal to my supply - I only have willow and when I try to smudge it it lifts off - might alos be that the paper doesn't have enough tooth - I do my drawings in a A4 visual diary

Not quite a self portrait

Not quite a self portrait
small 8' quiltlet with embroidered hair

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