Tuesday, January 22, 2019

still banging on about process

Tyvek garden

So I think this is a bit like talking out loud.   

Not having had any formal art training I am now trying to embark on a method of working that is sustainable.  It has taken more time than it should to acknowledge that my habit of diving in with a good idea and good intentions is not enough.  Making takes time and it is so disappointing when it doesn't come off.

What it is I am seeking?    A way to improve and move forward in my work.   

I really enjoy experimenting with different mediums and different styles.   Can I keep doing this?  How much/Does it distract from actually improving?  Should I stick to only one medium and one theme? Do I want too?  

I want to understand what process in art practice is.    My research tools are largely limited to the www which produces way too much information.  I have had to whittle all that info down.

Wikki has a neat definition which helps -  The term refers to the ways in which an artist goes about his/her work. Artistic practice goes beyond the physical activities of making 
artistic products and can include influences, ideas, materials as well as tools and skills.

Bu then I have discovered there is also something called process art which wikki defines as -   an artistic movement as well as a creative sentiment where the end product of art and craft, the objet d'art (work of art/found object), is not the principal focus. ... Therefore, art is viewed as a creative journey or process, rather than as a deliverable or end product.

So  with this in mind I have had a bit of a play with tyvek to see what I can do with it.  Can I push it so it is something other then the norm?   Do I need to?  I want to build on my BEE happy project and was thinking of bee environments when I made some tyvek leaves:

Painted tyvek cut into a leave shape and machine stitched to show the centre vein
Then melted with a craft heat gun

And arranged on a background with flowers 
And there is room for more play : the tyvek garden at the top of the post and some earrings below. :-)

beads and tyvek made some cute earrings

In the course of exploration on the www I came across a link to senior school  arts resources which bears a close look .  Its really a cheat sheet for students but I found it an interesting view of what should be taken into account when refelcting on process.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


small wall plaque with some of the mediums I work with:  paper, fabric,
 contemporary clay, threads, beads and a small piece of tyvek.

I have been working on tidying my studio space and trying to toss what is not needed.  I find that  really hard thing to do as I like to work in mixed media.  (But I have way too much fabric which needs a new home and am patting myself on the back for actually moving some of it on).   A tidy space is easier to work in... and I need to work on being tidier

I have had a play with some tyvek and thinking how it fits with my creative practice.  Do I need to go there?   It has some possibilities as it adds texture.  But I am trying to keep in mind that I need to focus what I do rather than expand it.  How do I refine my art practice ?  Does continued play in new mediums add or detract to this experience?   To quote a good friend of mine:  I can but I don't have to... use that fabric,  pursue that medium, try a new technique.  (Thanks Wendy)  As I understand process ,it allows me to explore, make mistakes, make discoveries and grow.

peacock carpenter bee

And I have started to collect images for one of my three major projects I have in mind in the coming year.  I have a solo mixed media exhibition happening in August 2019: BEE happy.   At the moment I am exploring Australian native bees and contemplating where I go next.   Some drawing I think.  It will help get their shapes in my hands and head.  Hoping not to over think it and enjoy the whole journey.   I find the final push to complete the works is the hardest.

Not quite a self portrait

Not quite a self portrait
small 8' quiltlet with embroidered hair

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