Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yes yet another fund raiser :-)

I have been busy and involved in the following ... if you want to join  in your contributions would be welcome

Call to arms  … we need you  … 

Yes another fund raiser!  But this time we all get to help doing something we enjoy!  We get to stitch.   Fancy that, a fund raiser that actually involves stitching.   The Guild has been commissioned to create 4 installations at the Concord Library … with the commission comes the opportunity to raise a significant sum for the building fund.  We can say more once the documentation is finalised.

What are we doing?  Many, many embroidered letters and numbers.

Letters and numbers - embroidered and embellished fabric tiles.  The tiles will be used by the Concord Library staff to create messages on a 3D tree form that is over a metre tall.   

What is needed?
First, we need lower case letters.    

What letters will I do?

How about the letters in your name.  

What next?

Choose a wool, linen or felt fabric in any colour (but not fluorescent please)
Cut your fabric 15 cm square.   
A 10cm (4 inch hoop) is perfect for lower case letters.   ( The ‘e’ above was stitched in a 10 cm hoop).  

Lower case letters like ‘a’ ‘c’  ‘x’ should be about 8 cm high.   Letters with a tail like ‘g’, ‘j’ or those that stand tall like ‘f” and ‘t’  should be a little longer/taller.   We trust you to make the right decision.

What technique will I use?

Any stitch or technique that you choose.   As little or as much bling as you wish – beads, gold thread and small spangles are all great. 

Are you a patchworker?   No reason why you can’t create a tile and embellish it too.

Don’t crowd your work.  Remember though that we want the letters and numbers to “pop” and be readable at a distance.  Thread, colour and texture will all have a role to play.    Step back from work occasionally and check that your letter is clear.

I have other commitments.  How long will it take me?

The letter “e” above took three and a half hours whilst the stitcher watched (or half watched) television.

I have a question.  Who will I contact?

Ring Donna on 0407 820 416 
or send an email to her at
I’ve finished my letters .  Where do I send them?    

The Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc.
PO Box 109 
Concord West  NSW 2138.

Or drop them off at 76 Queen Street, Concord West,
spend a little money at the Threaded Needle and
check out the most recent exhibition.

Can I see what others have done?

Yes.   Jaci, our webmistress, will put photos of all your letters and numbers on a gallery page on the Guild website.

Let us know what you are doing.

So we can keep track on who is doing what please let us know what letters you have decided to and your technique of choice.  Ring Donna on 0407 820 416 or send an email to her at

We also need capital letters and punctuation as well.  A further call will go out for these shortly.

Whats in it for me?

  • A fun way to fund raise.   
  • A chance to sample that stitch or technique you’ve always wanted to try. 
  • An opportunity to share (exhibit) your work and be inspired by others.
  • A significant donation to the building fund for little effort.

Get stitching, experiment, play, tryout and most importantly enjoy.

There are over 1200 members of the Guild – if we each do 3-4 letters the library will have an a notice board like no other in the world!

Not quite a self portrait

Not quite a self portrait
small 8' quiltlet with embroidered hair

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