Sunday, October 8, 2017

Some more rabbits from Tempestuous Nature exhibtion

Harry  is possibly my favourite character.  He was also the most difficult to create and I had several attempts at his face.     I settled on air dry clay over cloth to make his face.  Then I painted him. Harry is a hirsute hare in the modern fashion with his bit more than 5.00 o'clock shadow and not quite a beard.                                                                                                              And he is a bit of a dandy.    Harry’s clothes are made from a discarded mens shirt.  (I loved the fabric in this shirt and have used it several times.  It’s just about all gone).   Harry’s lairy flared pants are made from an old tie.  I enjoyed adding the details to Harry's costume. The buttons on his pants come from the shirt used to make the shirt.  Small beads have been added to the front of his shirt to represent buttons.  Harry's ears have been stiffened so that they remain standing.    

Grace is a ballet student.  This bunny is heading off to her ballet school concert.  A temperamental prima donna in the making. She came into being because of her feet.   They looked like they wanted to dance on point. Grace’s leotards, tights and shoes are painted on.  Her skirt is an old scarf that a friend gave me.  The trims came from my collection.  Grace carries a wrap in case she gets cold in the wings.     Grace's muzzel was needle felted and her stage eyes painted on :-).


Houdini  is an excitable boy always getting out of trouble after getting into mischief. Pipe cleaners make him poseable and lend to his demeanour. His bright red pants reflect his nature.  They are made from a fabric scrap supplied by Leanne.    Houdini's eyes are embroidered on He is sitting on top of a gorgeous yellow and red dot felted bags made by Leanne.

These bunnies are looking for new homes  and are for sale.  Contact me via my web site for further details.

Not quite a self portrait

Not quite a self portrait
small 8' quiltlet with embroidered hair

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