Wednesday, September 19, 2012

free motion machine embroidery

I have been playing off and on with some free motion machining.   My machine is still in charge but at some stage I know I will be able to still the beast!

I did an ATASDA class earlier in the year with Kirri Toose and she willing shared some tips including the drawing of the design on an iron or interfacing and working the design on from the back of the piece.  I did this and then flipped and added more machining.some additional gfavirc which I cut from an Indian trim I had in my box of precious things and a a few beads.   All this was done on a bit of organza with a gold check stripe which added a richness to the back ground.  After looking at the work in a  photo I wished I had worked more machine stitch into it.  I will remember to take it a step further next time.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Seasons Challenge

My home group Stitchers Plus  put up a challenge to Guild members to embroider their response to "Changing of the Seasons".

Here is mine  - my first attempt at any sort of crewel work. I didn't get past stem stitch really - even for the filling in the tomatoes and the horse.  However  I ventured out with laid stitches for the jockey's pants, boots and hat and a sort of trellis for his colours.  I found crewel wool very satisfying to use but I did over handle the piece a bit and it become a bit 'fluffy' in places.

Monday, September 10, 2012

what a difference a matte makes

I framed my chain stitch exercise in an eggshell coloured matte board and was pleased with the result - I have an A4 sized work to rotate on my desk with other works.


Monday, September 3, 2012

chain stitch exercise

I am doing a design course through city and guilds - this is one of the stitch exercises I have done.    I collaged a number of fabrics to create a back ground - some of them I dunked in my coffee pot leftovers to get a similar coloured ground.  The chain stitch is worked in 2 shades of grey and and black stranded cotton - sometimes mixed in the needle.

Rather chuffed with the outcome :-)

Not quite a self portrait

Not quite a self portrait
small 8' quiltlet with embroidered hair

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