Saturday, February 1, 2014

Toadstools in the Garden

“A toad stool is an inedible or poisonous fungus with an umbrella-shaped fruiting body”.
So says the free dictionary I looked up on my web browser.  But that is not the case!  Toad stools can have no stem, no apparent cap or be misshapen.   Colours and size can vary too.
These toadstools are not poisonous and are definitely inedible.  They are also a little on the tall skinny side. I gave them to my partner in life to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. 

A perfect quirky gift of toadstools arranged in a bouquet and subsequently transplanted to the garden – in a literal sense for they are made of weatherproofed fabric with a stem from a sacred bamboo bush.


Not quite a self portrait

Not quite a self portrait
small 8' quiltlet with embroidered hair

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