Friday, January 16, 2015

An apple a day # 2

I have picked up a paint brush again – the first time in ages – and painted (apples).   Looking at the apples – I mean really looking at the apples – made me realise how many colours are actually in an apple.

I purchased a recent inspirations magazine which caught my eye – especially an article about Gary Clarke and a project which was embroidery on organza.   I have linked here to Gary’s bio on his web site.  Take a moment to have a look around and you will see some organza embroidery.  Gary is an interesting designer, an innovative embroiderer (definitely outside the box) and an encouraging teacher.   I had the opportunity to do a ‘whitework’ workshop with Gary a number of years ago and was very happy with the result.

Anyway – thinking out loud – I reckon that Gary’s technique in the Inspirations magazine will be an interesting way to embroider some apples.    In the magazine article Gary embroidered a hummingbird using variegated thread, French knots and straight stitches.    The variegated thread may be the way to get the varied colour of the apples I painted.  Pointillism with thread?  Also, Gary raised the embroidery so there is depth.  

More thinking out loud – it occurred to me that I should look at crab apples - there is a large planting of crab apples near where I live and I will keep an eye on them as they grow to see what I can do.   Perhaps I will try and document the trees over a year?

What else have I been up to?   I went to a machine embroidery workshop run by Susan Barker and have been told I need to love my machine.    Susan is right of course.  I will never get anywhere being afraid if it and I need to leave the machine out and play a bit more rather than just use it to run up a straight seam.  Anyway, I have to say I learnt heaps including that I can use thick thread in the nonadjustable drop in bobbin ... came a way very happy knowing that.  And I learnt quite a few other things as well.   I will have to try and work up some apples on solvy now!

Solvey faces being test driven -  ready to be applied to a background

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Not quite a self portrait
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